THE Most Realistic Painting You’re Ever Gonna See–And It Was Done On An iPad!

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(Jeff) This HAS to be–without-a-doubt–the coolest demonstration of how to make an entirely realistic looking painting–from scratch–using NOTHING but an iPad of all things. It’s a painting of actor Morgan Freeman.









This pic looks authentic. I mean this pic is SO realistic, it is absolutely indistinguishable from an actual photograph–yes, its THAT good. I watched it because I simply could not believe that particular photo was painted–and especially not using an apple iPad. Guess I was mistaken (again). Watch the video, folks. This is serious talent here. World class talent.

Freakishly cool, huh? Gosh I wish I had a tenth of the talent that was needed to make a portrait like that. Impressive doesn’t begin to describe how awesome that was.

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