You Favorite and Least Favorite Household Chores

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A recent survey found one in three women secretly love doing housework. The survey found many women admitted that they love cleaning because it gives them a sense of pleasure and achievement. But almost four out of ten of those who love cleaning admitted it was a secret passion and they would never tell their other half they enjoyed doing housework.

  1. Vacuuming
  2. Tidying
  3. Wiping surfaces clean
  4. Doing laundry
  5. Hanging things on the line
  6. Changing the sheets
  7. Dusting
  8. Washing up
  9. Ironing
  10. Mopping the floors

Top Ten Least Favorite Chores

  1. Cleaning the oven
  2. Cleaning the toilet
  3. Cleaning the shower
  4. Cleaning the bathroom
  5. Defrosting the freezer
  6. Cleaning the fridge
  7. Sweeping the floors
  8. Washing up
  9. Taking the garbage out
  10. Vacuuming the stairs

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