Top 10 Best Places for a First Date

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The #1 preferred place for a first date is a coffee house, according to a recent Happen magazine poll of 1000 singles.

  1. Coffee house
  2. A walk in the park
  3. The local diner
  4. Brunch
  5. Live music
  6. Museum
  7. Fancy restaurant
  8. Comedy club
  9. Bar
  10. Sporting event

But the best place to find a date is in a big city. 57% of city dwellers say there is lots of dating potential where they live, compared with 38% of suburbanites and 21% of those living in rural areas. Those in big cities say it is also easier to meet new people. So where do people meet? These are the most popular meeting places, according to those who are now married:

  • 38% met at work or school.
  • 34% met through family or friends.
  • 13% met at a nightclub, bar, cafe or other social gathering.
  • 3% met through the Internet.
  • 2% met at church.
  • 1% met by chance, such as on the street.
  • 1% met because they lived in the same neighborhood.
  • 1% met at a recreational facility like a gym.
  • 1% met on a blind date or through a dating service.

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