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U2 Shooting For 2017 Album Release

U2 Shooting For 2017 Album Release

U2’s new album will be out this year.  In a new interview, bassist Adam Clayton explained although the band will be on tour for much of 2017, they want to get “Songs of Experience” out.  Clayton said, “We all very much feel like it needs to be the end of this year.  We’re going to…

Trump Delays U2’s Album

Trump Delays U2's Album

U2 is blaming President-elect Donald Trump for delaying their upcoming album.   In a new interview, guitarist the Edge explained the band was pretty much done with the record when the election happened.  He said, “Suddenly the world changed. We just went, ‘Hold on a second – we’ve got to give ourselves a moment to think…

Edge Surprises Graduates

Edge Surprises Graduates

A group of students from Dublin’s BIMM music college are still in shock over a surprise guest at their recent graduation ceremony. U2’s The Edge spoke at the event last week, but his appearance was kept secret until he walked out on stage.  The guitarist talked about the importance of music education and great music…

U2 Trying To Get Record Out

U2 Trying To Get Record Out

U2 is trying to get their new album out by the end of the year.  In a recent interview, guitarist the Edge said, “We are still busting our a** to try to get it out this year.  Now a U2 album plan has been known to be revised. This is the working assumption. This is…

Bono Tops “GQ’s” List Of 2014’s Least Influential People

Bono Tops "GQ's" List Of 2014's Least Influential People

Bono is topping a not-so-flattering list by “GQ.”  The magazine put the Irish rocker and his U2 bandmates at number one on its ranking of “The Least Influential People of 2014.”  “GQ” takes aim at the group for teaming up with Apple to “strong-arm” their “Songs of Innocence” album into every iTunes library around the…

U2’s Bono Taking iTunes Album Giveaway Criticism In Stride

U2's Bono Taking iTunes Album Giveaway Criticism In Stride

U2’s Bono says the band knew their recent surprise album release would rub some people the wrong way. But the rocker tells San Francisco’s Live 105-KITS it’s a chance they were willing to take because “every songwriter just wants to get heard.” He adds their album blitz has been successful. He says the most recent…